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15 reasons why you should Date an Engineer

Considering online millionaire dating service a professional? Listed here are 15 main reasons why you will want to:

1. Your parents will accept.

2. Might will have a pencil when you need it. Merely take a look behind his/her ear.

3. Can’t perform the math? The go out would love to solve those problems for you.

4. If you buy a property together, it will be structurally seem.

5. Conflict quality shall be approached in a calm, logical way.

6. No pretentious food solutions. Merely keep carefully the refrigerator stocked with alcohol.

7. The clocks on your own kitchen stove and DVD player would be ready and synched.

8. Engineers are always upwards for challenging.

9. Worry and stress in a commitment is manageable. Designers you should not hightail it from a problem.

10. No lazy ways to matchmaking here. Engineers are ready to „do it right the 1st time.“

11. You are able to joke about rubbing and gravitational interest.

12. Have actually computer system issues? Your own time can destroy „bugs“ individually.

13. All those damaged gizmos at home will receive repaired — and perhaps improved.

14. Should chat late at night? Designers can handle all-nighters.

15. Engineers are acclimatized to dressed in rings. Merely sayin‘.